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Create your own tracks - challenge your friends!

TrackMasters is a multiplayer-only arcade racing game inspired by MicroMachines, packed with a full level editor to make your own tracks the way you want!

Create your tracks, share your tracks, save your best time on someone's track and challenge them to beat it ⏲

Play online and LAN with up to 8 players!

TrackMasters is built for online play - connect your LouveSystems account and connect with friends and strangers alike to race!
The game works offline as well, and can be played with up to seven bots at once 🤖

Accessible to all ages

The game does not support chatting and content is moderated to stay appropriate for children. Even if you're not comfortable reading or understanding any of the included languages, the wide use of pictograms in menus allows you to navigate and configure the game easily 🧰


There is no central server and players are connected to each other - anyone can play with anyone on the globe!
Wherever you are, join the community at https://discord.gg/y7zKv3N, jump in and show us what you've got! 🏁


Buy Now$12.00 USD or more

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How do you host a game with a custom track?  My track shows up in the "Make a Track" menu but not in the "Host Game" menu

The track might not be valid :)  Make sure the 🏁 is green in the track editor, on your right. If it's red, it means the track could not be validated by the game - it's likely missing a piece somewhere, or it has an obstacle obstructing the circuit!

I figured it out - you aren’t allowed to have a radar antenna on top of a tunnel.  I’m not sure why - maybe it’s a bug?

Yes it's a bug in track validation, i'm looking into solving it for the next update, among others! It's because the radar antenna / tall building interrupts all navigation as it is very tall, but it doesn't check if the interrupted navigation happens above or under the very tall object

This doesn't install properly in the itch app, at least the one from getting with the ukraine support bundle.

this was an issue with the Itch games launcher due to the name having an uppercase name (.ZIP instead of .zip).  The name has been corrected for now, so install should be possible if you try it again :)  

Thanks for the report ♥

Does it have local co-op ?

Unfortunately not, the game was built without it and despite my best efforts I couldn't add it in an update. It would require rethinking the way the whole game is coded :v


one of the coolest things in the bundle IMHO. didn’t expect a modern day clone of Lego Stunt Rally to exist, but it does and i am here for it.

some graphics settings would be nice, i wish i could turn off all the shadows/lighting/blur so it wouldn’t run like crap on my PC. would love to build and play some tracks for it if my PC could handle it. :)

thanks for the appreciation, it means a bunch  to me 😊

maybe I will add an option for users who want to run the game in high performance, without any effect, as this problem has been brought up in the past!  with the regain of interest the game has had in the past few days i'm considering adding a few trackpieces in an update ♥

the update is out ! 

You can now enable a `useHighPerformanceMode` in the settings file (`Preferences.yml`) in My Documents/My Games/TrackMasters :) 

This will disable some graphical features and use a different shader for outlines which will increase performance on your machine!


looks like this was made with sketchup....i love the art style 

I wish this had like, a basic AI for if you don't have a lot of friends.


It does have one, you just have to click one of the buttons in the Host Game menu to add AIs.

looks great!!!

any chance of a mac download?


Little chance, for I do not have a mac OS myself and I'm in no capacity to create a mac build :(

On Linux otherwise, I have reports of TrackMasters working seamlessly under Electron.

There might be a way to run it under mac, but I could not know, sorry :<

Have a good day!