Update v136

This update addresses a few suggestions and problems encountered with the game.

This update is COMPATIBLE with v134+ saves.

  • Enhanced the backspace character deletion in "Rename" windows
  • Fixed spelling error on the word "Resource" at multiple places in the game
  • Invalid crew members / invalid biographies automatically get fixed from now on
  • The Emmet object picking order threshold has been improved : it should be easier to tell an emmet to pick an object now
  • Added an option to make the cursor bigger
  • The game is now properly sending the crew to the server
  • Dynamite is now at the top of Emmets AI priority list
  • Fixed a crash on first emmet teleport
  • Added Community rules
  • Added a few contributors to the credits of the game :)
  • Markers (first time playing, tutorial) are now properly saved on disk
  • Fixed a critical crash on game saving because of invalid data structure mapping

Also :

  • A memory leak MAY have been fixed. I didn't extensively test it so I might be wrong.
  • The game SHOULD now teleport all emmets when exiting the cave and no longer let any behind. This being an intermittent bug, I couldn't test it extensively neither.

Have a nice day :P


Jun 16, 2018

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