Update v144


This is one of the biggest and probably the last update ever on emmets, apart from the bugfixes I may need to deploy later.

This patches bring both long-time requested features, and very important bugfixes. It is now mandatory to use this version to play Emmets - else the server will kick you out!

  • Fixed a bazillion of memory leaks (seriously - the game couldn't run for more than a few hours without slowing down and dying. memory leaks everywhere! now most of them are dead, hopefully.)
  • Improved some UI elements and readability
  • Added a real pause menu with options and help
  • Added a priority system for the emmet IAI, that you can customize in the options
  • Added a new building : The condenser, that can create oxygen from water to stabilize cave's pressurization
  • You can now log in ingame using a RackNet Token, that will link your score in the leaderboards to your RackNet Profile. If you registered during emmet's development, your account is frozen and probably waiting for you to recover it here : http://racknet.noip.me/list.php
  • Fixed a lot of remaining bugs and crashes, like the cave history not being properly loaded and therefore regenerated on each game launch, or the company being half loaded and making the game crash in later parts of the game, or exiting the cave making the game freeze.
  • Added the online ranking feature directly ingame
  • The "BUILD>" and Exit Cave button are now in the correct color
  • You can now decide who you train when buying a training from EmmetsUnited, thanks to a small menu that was added
  • Fixed no sound when unfolding the "BUILD>" menu
  • Improved scrolling in the Help and the Station History windows
  • The spawn room in the cave isn't necessarily the first one
  • Tweaked values from the market, starting money, world generation, to make the game more balanced, interesting and fair
  • Added a super secret debug/cheat/demo mode!

Now - let this be clear. I'll work out the major bugs if any are found (and probably there will be a few), but don't expect me to work on that project anymore. As much as I love emmets and would like to improve it forever, Game Maker Studio just doesn't sound, in the end, like the engine I should've built this project on.

I hope you'll enjoy a few games more on Emmets thanks to this update, and hopefully we'll meet soon on another project of mine :)

Have a nice day!


Sep 10, 2018

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