Update v135


Another update for Emmets, with mostly fixes.

Pre-135 saves are COMPATIBLE with 135 and won't be erased on update.

  • EmmetsUnited "Recruit!" section is now populated with offline emmets aswell as online emmets. Liquidating a company puts all the emmets on the market. This allows for a more populated EU Market at any time.
  • Fixed huge slowdowns when too much resources are on ground
  • Fixed sound of material dropped not playing correctly
  • You can now disable the Geologist's ping sound
  • Wall tiles are no longer misplaced
  • Fixed a slowdown when destroying a wall
  • You can more easily use Backspace to change your company name when creating a new company
  • Fixed -5 / -10 buttons not working in Manage stocks
  • Emmets should now run away from dynamite with a slightly better chance of success
  • Status bars of building are now displayed on top of everything else
  • Fixed a display glitch in the ingame options menu
  • Fixed a bug allowing to build on lava
  • Added client support for news related to high resource price
  • Fixed unbreakable walls having loot
  • Added a dithering shader instead of the color redux one
  • Max crew size per level is now 12 instead of 1
  • You can now change your playername at any time


Jun 15, 2018

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