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A game of free flight with no objectives. Made in just a few hours by @tahitip4ncake and @rackover
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Authorsrackover, dorian beaugendre
TagsDRM Free, Flight, Sandbox, zen


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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Itch cannot find the zip???

Is it really a game if it has no objectives?


yes it is, hope this helps!

Could you elaborate?

Maybe it’s just down to personal opinion, but personally, I don’t see how something without objectives could be a game. A toy, sure. An art piece. How is it a game?

Some years ago, a lot of the internet got angry about Gone Home being sold as a game, levying various arguments with varying numbers of holes in them. But it had the objective of piecing together the story through exploration. Of course it was a game.

So, what makes this one a game? What makes this something you play rather than something you play with?

hmm, that's interesting. i tend to consider games as a subset of toys defined by higher levels of interactivity, but also you're right in that this game isn't really like a sandbox game....

Whereas I see toys and games separately: you play a game, following its rules to complete objectives; but you play with a toy, maybe making up your own self-enforced rules (though something like Mouse Trap blurs the lines a bit—arguably more fun to play with the Rube Goldberg contraption than to play the game). I would classify something like Cosmic Osmo as a highly interactive toy, as it has no definable objectives, no win state, no loss state.

Not judging—many visual novels are absolutely not games, but I’m planning to buy the rest of the SciADV VNs as soon as they’re available. Because game-ness doesn’t matter as long as you enjoy it.

some of the most fun ive had with games have been playing with them. wether its messing around with it's physics or it's mechanics. garry's mod is a game that's meant to be played with and used to make games to be played. many arcade games dont have an objective unless you count not dying as one. a game doesn't need to have an objective it just needs to give some sort of control to the player.


When attempting to install this on Windows 10, I get an error, "Cannot read property 'build' of undefined".

I've been getting the same error when trying to download through the itch.io app, but I was able to download the file when I used a web browser to download.


What operating system(s) does this game require?